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Langebaan Tel: 022 772 1252 / 1296 / 2385

Sub-acute care is relatively new and rapidly growing medical care service.  It merges the sophisticated technology of a hospital and the efficiency of a skilled nursing facility to reduce the cost of services while maintaining the quality of care.

Sub-acute care provides intensive rehab services for patients that no longer require critical care, but are not ready to return home.  Sub-acute is a step down from your normal acute hospital and specialise in care.

Personalised care is provided 24 hours a day, seven days per week by qualified nursing staff, all rooms fitted with a 24 hour nurse call system and a telephone service on request.

Sub-acute is covered by all Medical Aids.  Sub-acute patients can only be referred by a doctor.

  • Criteria for Admission:
    • Surgical (post-operative cases)
    • Medical (i.e. post-heart attack)
    • Chronic patients (i.e. emphysema etc.)
    • Terminal patients (cancer, etc.)
    • Paediatric (ages between 2 and 12 years)
  • Excluding:
    • Psychiatric
    • Maternity
  • 24 hour qualified nursing care
  • fully equipped treatment room, B.H.F. - standard
  • Registered with B.H.F. (Board of Health Care Funders) and Department of Health
  • Practice number: 049 001 0202126
  • Registered with all Medical Aids
  • Family and friends are welcome and visiting hours schedule can be obtained from the nurse on duty.