Kleinmond Tel: 028 271 3994

Langebaan Tel: 022 772 1252 / 1296 / 2385

 Our Company:

Gerimed is a family business with the founders and owners, Flip & Irene Fouche, and their children, Carel & Marisa Pieterse, working together to guarantee excellent care for the elderly, proven during the past ten years.  Gerimed consists of Gerimed Care (owners: Carel & Marisa Pieterse) and Gerimed Properties (owners: Flip & Irene Fouche).



We all believe in caring for the elderly in the best way possible.  With their vision and passion, Gerimed became a leader in elderly care.

Gerimed started off as Kogelpark Clinic in Kogelpark Retirement Village and opened their doors on 1 July 2001 in Kleinmond with only 1 patient.  In 2004 it was renamed to Gerimed to incorporate the clinic in Langebaan.  Gerimed Langebaan opened their doors on 3 May 2005 in the Langebaan Retirement Village.

Today Gerimed consists of two Care Centres which together consist of 50 beds for Sub-acute and Frail Care n single & double rooms and 60 Assisted Apartments in Kleinmond and Langebaan.

Our Vision:

Gerimed strives to improve dignity and quality of life for their residents & Patients through the high standards of companionship and care to their residents and patients and to become known as an institution that really cares and focuses on the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission:

Improved quality of life through quality service and care in a safe and comfortable environment.



Please contact us for pricing and availability:

Kleinmond: 028 271 3994 or 028 271 3488 (fax)

Langebaan: 022 772 1252 / 1296 / 2385 or 022 772 2061 (fax)

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.